CRM for Property Management

Effective Property Management for Better Returns

Track enquiries across properties, manage contracts, automate billing & collection, share periodic surveys and get real-time analytics.


Property management is a complex business that requires a good property management system that allows you to manage multiple aspects of the business efficiently. Right from rental management to outright sales, sales team management, defect liability management, managing customer complaints, periodic maintenance of facilities and even customer feedback management, we have it all in a single system that is able to give you a bird’s view of the entire business along with highly customisable reporting.


  • Having disgruntled homeowners who are not happy with the service levels.
  • Taking too long to resolve customer complaints.
  • Having events and marketing campaigns that are not bringing in conversions.
  • Leads that are slipping out due to poor follow-ups.
  • Difficulties in scheduling technicians servicing multiple properties.
  • Bad feedback from existing customers on social media.

How Second CRM helps

There are many modules and features in Second CRM that can be implemented to address the specific challenges for property management, including many out of the box and some specially configured or customized for specific needs.

Maintain Properties


  • Maintain all your properties including buildings, individual units, layout plans, price, availability status etc in a single property management system.
  • This gives you unparallel advantage to both management of these properties as well as the sales person as they now have real time access to the status of every unit to take informed decisions.
Property Leads Management


  • Capture leads from multiple sources like your website, email, social media platforms and events and having them all in a centralised property management software.
  • You can now have the property management system automatically assign these leads to the respective salespeople based on predefined criteria. Be it property type, geographical zone, price range or any other parameters, it is all doable with just a few clicks.
Track Property Sales Process

  • Manage your sales pipeline and view them collectively, by teams and even individually. Forecasting has never been easier as you now have complete visibility on your pipeline.
Manage Defect Liability


  • Defect Liability Period has always been challenging. Now, you could track all complaints in a single property management system, assign them to a particular person for resolution and even automatically escalate them when they exceed a certain time frame.
  • Property owners would have complete visibility to see where things are with regards to their complaint and be notified once it has been resolved.
Property Management

  • Manage all your rental contracts, monthly billings and preventive maintenance of assets in a single property management software. Get a holistic view of what is due when either in the form of reports or dashboard indicators.
  • Coupled by the alerts and triggers mechanism that is inbuilt within the property management system, you would never ever miss any one of these going forward.
Field Service Management


  • Fully manage your maintenance and field service operations from a single property management system starting from getting service request, assigning to technician, logging hours spent and taking sign off from the Customer.
  • Field Service can be further enhanced via using a dedicated mobile app for the technician, where they get notified for all assigned tasks, use it to find exact customer location, details of task to be performed, log hours with a stopwatch and upload images and customer sign off.
Tenant Survey & Feedback Management

  • Engage your customers and audience with trigger-based feedback management as well as periodic customer survey. Stay abreast with the needs of your customers and improve customer satisfaction.
Tenant Self-Service Portal

  • Allow your tenants and property owners to access a dedicated Self Service Portal. This allows them to do things at their own pace and brings your management office to their doorstep.
  • With this, your property owners can update their contact information, download invoices, send certain requests or even book and pay for amenities within the residential complex, all at their own convenience.

What our clients are saying

Managing our corporate clients has never been easier. Second CRM is such a powerful tool and its very user friendly.

Muhammad Zaki Kamaruddin


Our operations have now been totally streamlined. No more messy spreadsheets, overlooked billing and servicing.

Abdul Halim


The Second CRM team listens to our requirements, understands our needs and comes up with a solution that is tailored to solve our problems.



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