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Sell Online Effectively to Improve Profits

Manage multichannel selling, streamline inventories & deliveries, improve customer engagement and loyalty and get real-time insights.


Second CRM offers an efficient solution for retail & eCommerce businesses to automate and centralize their Online and Offline Sales process in one platform. Manage and track all sales processes, right through recent transactions, product history, shipping preferences and more. Automate your workflows, manage customer interactions, improve retention rates and engage your customers.


  • Having sold your products in multiple sales channels can be an elaborate task since you would have to update your products one by one in each sales channel.
  • Inability in being creative with your website as you are forced to accommodate the limitations provided by the website builder.
  • Limitations with conventional Point-of-Sale systems can be painful as you are limited in terms of the reporting that you are able to generate.
  • Unable to link your online and offline stores and manage them in a single platform.

How Second CRM helps

There are many modules and features in Second CRM that can be implemented to address the specific challenges for property management, including many out of the box and some specially configured or customized for specific needs.

Multichannel Selling


  • Manage unlimited channels from a single platform and eliminate the hassle of switching between windows to track the stock status, sales orders, invoices, customers, and vendor contacts.
  • Maximize sales by integrating with popular online sales channels such as Lazada, Shopee and many more
Branded Webstore


  • Build your own E-commerce Website or app using the platform of your choice and reach out to more customers
  • Bidirectional Sync of Customers, Products and Sales Order information between your Website and Second CRM
Offline Sales (O2O)

  • Get state-of-the art POS system directly from Second CRM at all physical outlets.
  • Set-up multiple POS view for different users in each physical outlet.
  • Scan products using barcode scanner or search by product code for order placement
Product & Inventory Management


  • Organize your products neatly in a single platform and sync across all E-commerce channels. These include, Product Listings & Variants, Product Bundling, Set Multiple Currencies, Bulk upload of product Images and many more.
  • Update the inventory quantities across all channels automatically whenever a sale is made
  • Set re-order points, buffers, reminders, and preferred vendors for your products to avoid untimely stock-outs
Order Fulfillment & Deliveries

  • Manage offline & online orders from multiple channels in a single inventory and keep track of stock levels.
  • Integrate with multiple delivery carriers and track your orders!
Automate Purchasing


  • Trouble free, automated purchase management for all your inventory regardless of the number of SKU’s.
  • Auto-create purchase orders when you hit your re-order levels based on the buffers set.
Customer Service

  • Manage customer grievances and complaints in a single platform including communication medium like WhatsApp for quick problem resolution and improved customer experience.
  • Reward your big spenders with Second CRM’s in-built loyalty functionality for greater customer retention.
  • Understand your customer sentiments and learn what your customers think about you with periodic surveys
Reports & Analytics

  • Capture data from unlimited channels and generate meaningful reports and dashboards using Second CRM.
  • Make intelligent decisions based on true customer traction and drive your revenue further.

What our clients are saying

Managing our corporate clients has never been easier. Second CRM is such a powerful tool and its very user friendly.

Muhammad Zaki Kamaruddin


Our operations have now been totally streamlined. No more messy spreadsheets, overlooked billing and servicing.

Abdul Halim


The Second CRM team listens to our requirements, understands our needs and comes up with a solution that is tailored to solve our problems.



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